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Amy K-P

I am thankful for my creativity. It has been the one constant in my life. People, places & jobs have come, gone & changed but my art & creativity has ALWAYS been there. It truly is my salvation!

debra cooper

This year I am most thankful for my marriage and my wonderful husband. It is something that I've taken for granted because it has always been good, but this year was hard and we've finally come out on the other side stronger and more in love than ever. I am so thankful to share my life with my best friend who knows me and loves me no matter what. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the awesome giveaway!


I am thankful for my loving family, my beautiful daughter and wonderful husband. I am also thankful for finally finding my creative self and the wonderful online art community I have discovered.

Suz Gray

Thanks for the chance to win some creative goodies.... Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

I'm thankful for family


wow, what a giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving! Count me in!


I am thankful for my family being together for the first time in four months. My brother and father drove 1,800 miles to join us in our new home in Arizona, and I am so happy we're all together again!

holly Gay

Hi Traci
its Holly Gay from Australia :)
I am grateful for "My World".
To be awake Just enough to set a goal and to achieve it.
I am grateful to know about the the vibrating energy that Lives in me and all those around me.Only by being aware of this energy I can be enriched with Love from people like YOU and My family, strangers on the street, Musicians, children and mother nature.
I will never be really be alone.
My world is not a dangerous place my world is filled with people that have their hearts wide open and their arms stretched out.

Love love love

Pam Barnes

I am thankful for good health, family and friends.

holly Gay

Dear Traci
I just couldnt leave this out
I am grateful for Honesty.
My daughter told me that she was going to have a great day today working in our garden and I replied that's great "dirt Girl" what are you going to be planting?
Her reply was then " Im going to be planting magical Weeds that will grow big and strong everywhere".
as a guide what do you say to that? I told her that they sound fantastic and That I would help her plant them!
I love these priceless moments.


I am thankful for having my step-father coming home from the hospital last night after a two week stay. (he is battling brain cancer). So thankful we were able to a be family on this day!

Antonia Sowash

I'm thankful for my 3 beautiful children that have become 3 beautiful adults inside & out.

Natalie Briney

I am thankful for every single day!!

When i open my eyes in the morning, i know it's going to be a good day no matter what!

Bec Clarke

I am thankful for life. It has never been so good to me as it has in the last 6 years.

Shari Adkisson

There are so many things that I can be thankful for, including that I am still here. It has been a rough fall, and the holidays can be such a sad time, but I am hanging in there and will persevre to see 2011

Peggy Wilkinson

I am thankful first for my family, health, work, food and shelter. There are so many without lately that it's a privledge to have these now. I'm thankful that I am being creative again after void years because it helps me to feel alive!


I am thankful for the energy to get up and walk the beach every day . Once I get my butt out the door, I'm golden!


My art journal!!
Oh, and my friends and family, too!

Dale Anne Potter

THANK YOU Traci for this opportunity!
First off, I am THANKFUL for being here (being a 12 year cancer survivor), for my family, for my friends, and for the ability to make ART!!!


I am thankful for my family, good friends and the joys of a life filled with creativity. And for people like you who inspire such a life, thankyou.


I am thankful for my friends and family who have helped me through a tough year and I am thankful that I also get to do what I love!


I'm thankful for my husband, my children, and my family and friends. This has been a very challenging year (I've been out of work since July) and the people I love best love me right back and give me support and hope. I'm also thankful for my creativity because it keeps me (relativity) sane!

Dawn Binyon

I am thankful to have spend the holiday with my brother, SIL, Mother, and Hubby. The first time I have had a Thanksgiving with my side of the family since the 80's. I am also thankful I have taken a class from you. I love to create art because I HAVE to. I am thankful I have that in my life to feed my soul.

Nice Post Traci! Please toss my hat in the ring.


I am thankful for being introduced to art and my own inner creativity this year by my AWESOME mom!!! Thanks to my husband and my two adorable sons for allowing me to TAKE OVER the house with art supplies and let me go on a trip to houston where I got to take a class from YOU which was actually something I got to mark off my bucket list!

michele s

i am thankful that i let someone talk me into entering the world of art blogging earlier this year. even though i am still a little uncertain of my craft some days it is a gift to create. this has been a challenging year for my family in several ways but i am most thankful that we have so much love and togetherness, even across the miles. i am super blessed and super thankful. thanks for this chance to express it and for this wonderful giveaway! you are awesome and inspiring. xo

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