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You've totally inspired me to do the same - pick up the dip pen and write with wild flourishes. I even linked back to you for it on my inspirations post from earlier this week.

Traci Bautitsa

Kira...I just saw your links last night. Thanks so much... I LOVE your pages with the dip pen...beautiful!!

check out Kira's pages here: http://www.journalgirl.com/blog/2011/1/17/a-little-peek-taking-inspiration-and-creating-something-new.html


Serengeti National Park

A great appreciable art work that you are doing. This site is really a unique one and like the layout of it.
The site really inspires me o create some unique art work.
Thanks and keep sharing your works.


i like it starts a day, i really like it the more you do this it makes want to do art love, love, it hour by minute and by second and by days weeks and years to love it ,it really inspires me a lot, i want to do this soo bad and everybody has different style of taste of mix media keep what are you doing


First off thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such kind thoughts. Second of all, I'm enjoying your journaling prompts and this one is going to be fun, love the dip pen.

Jessica W.

I am such a fan of your dip pen skills - so beautiful Traci! Thanks for sharing! Jess

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