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I am working on launching my business and would love your sage advice! www.woohootoyou.blogspot.com - Cheers Cole!


wow! What an awesome deal!

I'd love to win such a wonderful e-course as I would really like to move into my own creative business... but am just too nervous to take that 1st step. I would really like to know how to even start...

Oh and Congratulations on 10 years in the Creative Business Traci!

Janaina Oliveira

I think it would be great not just for the art videos but for some understanding of how to have a e business work


hello! my name is christina - all my life art has been my one true passion. i always knew i had a knack for it and aspired to go to art school. after getting into all my top choices i discover i was unable to afford paying the tuition costs - i was devastated.
i moved from maryland to europe at the age of 18 and stopped drawing and painting completely for several years. it took 3 countries and alot of soul searching to begin painting and teaching myself art again. and have never been happier for it.
now, at nearly 24 years of age i live in southern sweden and want to open my own art business. i know the how and where to get help from the government and paperwork...but i am still a bit lost as to how to get help from myself. helping myself to promote my art, make it worthwhile, interesting, get it seen! make friends, network the whole kaboodle.
art has been and always will be my passion. i wont ever let it go again, and even though i am completely self taught, and still ever learning! i would love the chance to win this opportunity to make it all it can be.
thank you so much for your consideration, youre a true inspiration to independent artists!!

kind regards,


Hi Traci, I took a workshop you taught at the Artist's Nook a few years ago. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to combining your artistic teaching with learning to be a better businesswoman.

Erin Sipes

This would be AWESOME! Due to scheduling conflicts I won't be able to take this class during the upcoming TCC Event in St. Paul. I will be in the Making a Living...class but I really wanted to take this one too!

Nancy Lefko

Thanks for this great opportunity. My creative biz is growing and headed in new directions and this e-course would be perfect for this time in my life.

Beth Strawn

I really need the extra push to go out on my own. The unknown is what scares me to death. I think reading what others have done and learned would help me a lot. Thank you for sharing what you have learned. <3

Michelle Tompkins

WoW how serendipitous! I was just in B&N and picked up a book I had never seen before called Crafter's Corp, cuz of course I was buying my 1 millionth book on how to inspire, motivate, overcome my fear of starting my own business and becoming like the gazillion artists I have been inspired by...I exaggerate just a smidge...

and I flip open the book AND whose beautiful DIVA face pops out at me? Traci Bautista...and I read the little blurb and I think.."I wanna be like Traci when I grow up" and I thought back to when I was at Art & Soul in 2009 and 2010 and took classes with you and you taught me how to use papertowels to make amazing pages in my journals...and of course I know you meet thousands of people and don't remember them all but meeting u adds to the appeal to take this course of course...and blah blah blah...so thanks for being one of my inspirations...

So I put the book down cuz it WASN'T exactly what I needed and bought 2 others...Craft, Inc Business Planner cuz I am GONNA do it this time AND The Savvy Crafters Guide To Success: Turn Your Crafts Into A Career CUZ I REALLY AM GOING TO DO IT!!! As I am driving home...I think tomorrow is my last call with my Artist coach Leslie Riley at Artist Success...and what will I do after this call..."I really have to get my act together...p.s. BTW I also bought Radical Self-Forgiveness *sigh* a whole nother blog for that one...

I walk in the door..sit down at my MacBook Pro (that I bought to start my EPIC business) and go to FaceBook and see your note about your e-class (cuz uknow I follow EVERY ARTIST I WANNA BE LIKE!)...and got chills...so I thought hey u just moved, you are now in a city with AMAZING talented artists (still feeling like that is intimidating!) you are low on $$$, you're feeling lonely and disconnected and YOU NEED to do this...just ask and see if it is meant to be...so here I am...throwing it out there!

p.s. Love you all and lets get busy!

Michelle Tompkins
Suffolk, VA
Long-winded Shadow Artist

Dawn Binyon

All I can say is you rock! I still make fusion dyed paper all the time and think of you and the class I took before your first book was even out. I could use some inspiration currently and some help in marketing my art. I would love to win this. Please toss my name in the hat.


because i'm stuck & not following my passion 100% the way I planned. I'm living in Europe instead of with my kids in USA, and at 55 yrs really starting to wonder

linda drake

launching a new business that features my orinial art! YES always looking for inspiration and insight! PLEASE would be so honored to score this. xoxo
thanks linda drake

Ulrike Hutchins

I just read your blurb about the creative business course and thought "I gotta have this"!!!!!
This would be the kind of thing to give me a proverbial kick in the backside, to encourage me to change my life.
Over the years I have made several attempts at starting to sell my crafts but inexperience and dis-organisation have always held me back, success and recognition only happened in a minor way.
Go on Traci, change my life! ;o) xx

Kelly Aubert

I would love to learn about launching my own art business! My health is not great and I am unable to work at a conventional job. It would be wonderful to feel self sufficient again and to have purpose. My kids are about grown now and it has been difficult to not have anyone need me! :( I immerse myself in my art and it would be so awesome to take it to the next level! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!


I dont have the skills needed for business understanding of how to survive through my work, need advise and the basics badly. Have tried but so far no luck, a little discouraged, not for my ART I do it because I need to do it, but to understand the businesss part, HELP!

Sonya F

Ive been wanting to take a class but havent been able to fit it in my budget. This would be a great way to unleash some creaivity and stress. I have your book but I would like to enhance my creativity and explore more. Thx and God Bless! U R Awesome


Wow. I can't believe its been 10 years already. I remember when you first walked into stampers warehouse while I was shopping. I just retired after 35 years working for the state and its about time, I got serious about me and my art. I would love to win your giveaway. Pick me Pick me! heehee


I have been an artist for years, but have never really tried to make a living with my art. Part of that is fear, part of it is confusion about where to focus my attention and skills....teach, sell my artwork, do graphic art, etc. etc. Now I find myself in the position of really needing to make an income with my skills, and I am going 10 different directions at once, and not getting anywhere! I would love to take your course...I admire your work and think that you are very successful at the business side as well as the creative side. Help!


Traci! You know we only just discussed this VERY course only recently and how excited I am about it - now to maybe *win* a spot? Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!! I would be beyond thrilled!!

Why do I want this course? Well, my business is starting to take some shape and opporunities are arising, but I need to guidance, those tips from someone who KNOWS and has been there, done that.....I value your opinion. I know this course will be wonderful (and if I dont win, I'm buying in anyway!)

Liz Lumsden

Your creativity would be a wonderful thing to learn from! I love all your projects and would love to expand my knowledge by taking your e-courses!

puffinliz at yahoo dot com

Patricia Gonzalez

I would love to win this course because I absolutely love your style....


I want to get my surface pattern design business going!

Lisa Visel

I've been art journaling for a year & am finally finding my own "style". Now I'd like to take that and begin making projects for my Etsy store (that has been sorely neglected). I love making the art but don't know what to do with it all so Etsy is my outlet. Having your wonderful course would be awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Kylie Pepyat-Fowler

Hi Traci, This might be the opportunity I've been looking for. I have 6 months to create my Dreams, before my youngest starts school, and I have to find a 'Real' job. I would so love to learn what you know.
Thank you for offering this generous giveaway. Good luck everyone.
Kyles =D

Odile Raffray

Hello Tracy, i am from Mauritius although you said the 17 is our last chance it also says friday (Friday, August 17 at 12:00pm PT {USA time} ) so here i am, my friends call me the craft artist and my DREAM would be to write a craft book as to share what i self taught myself through the years and your course seems just right; thank you for the opportunity to win such a course..... Have a great day Odile

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