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Cindy Reimer

The first kit I would LOVE to grab from DeviantScap would be the one that you just created Traci!! The limited edition Graffiti Flowers digital art journaling kit and printables!!!

Love your work Traci, you are so inspiring to me!!


What is the first kit from DeviantScrap.com the I would love to grab?

Graffiti Flowers art journaling kit by Traci Bautista! Definitely! I love working with computers, and am a gadget geek. However, I've never done digital art. This will be a dream come true!

Cindy Reimer

One project tutorial that I would love to take from you is a tough question as you already provide an awesome variety of classes. One suggestion I would have would be to offer a monthly art journaling class that is aimed towards a beginner artist who is unfamiliar with how to use digital scrapbooking.
Love all you work!!


What type of project tutorial using my digital kits would you like to learn?

My mom lives overseas and she has Alzheimer's. I would love to learn to create and send her interesting colorful digital cards that I can print out which include faces of my family. One day she will not remember us anymore, but knowing that I tried would give me peace.


Good for you Traci. I hope they are a hit.


I would love to grab your "Graffiti Flowers" kit. It's beautiful.

Susan Stamm

The first kit I would grab?...well, I already did...LOVE the Graffiti Flowers! So I would want to grab the NEXT one :) Your artwork has been my favorite for years!


As for a tutorial I don't really know...Maybe where and how to start. I'm still learning the tools in PSE9 but have done a fair number of page layouts and desk top back grounds. I'm working on photo books to have printed for Christmas. I love the both abstract and impressionist art and this seems to combine the two. Every time I see this genre I see Freda Kalo! I love Mexico. :)

Susan Stamm

I would have to agree with Cindy - "a monthly art journaling class that is aimed towards a beginner artist who is unfamiliar with how to use digital scrapbooking" - a fantastic idea!

The new digital artwork is amazing...love all the colors!

Maggie M

There are two kits I'd love to get from Deviant Scrap. The first is Tumble Fish Studio Freestyle jpg Kit and the second is your Graffiti Flowers Art Journaling Kit! Which looks awesome!

Maggie M

Since my digital scraping knowledge is so limited, I have to agree with Cindy and Susan - a monthly art journaling tutotial utilizing your digital images (for beginners) would be awesome! I'd also like to learn how to make stationary and greeting cards digitally. Thanks for this awesome giveaway Traci:)

Sharon Benini

Question #1- The graffiti flowers of course!

Sharon Benini

Question #2- A tutorial using Photoshop for mixed media artists!

Susan G

I would love to play with your Graffiti flowers, of course, but as for the others on the site, I adore the Circus Adventure and think that would be lots of fun to play with. I would love a course in digitally making cards. I'm off to go explore the Deviant site longer now, looks like there are some cool things over there.

Victorious Vixen

love the graffiti flowers too!

Victorious Vixen

I'd love a tutorial on using your digital kit for Christmas cards, ornaments & other holiday goodies to give away! <3

Cathy Yamashita

What is the first DeviantScrap.com kit I'd like to grab? That is a touch question at the moment. I already purchased your kit and several other new ones over the weekend, and I own over 100 of their kits. So, for me, I'd have to wait for the next batch to come out so I can choose more!

Cathy Yamashita

What tutorial would I like to see? Hmmm. . . I'd like to see something on how to place the elements together so they look like YOU did it, not like I did it! How do you do those fabulous pages?!

Joanna Lessor

Hi! The Graffiti Flowers is my pick for Question 1....

Joanna Lessor

Question 2: A course in how to use digital software for beginners and easy ways to use what we learn. New products out there make things confusing...


I like both the Graffiti Flowers and blown away.

Lisa Graham Art

It's all colorful fun and girlie...love it!


Hi Traci,

my name is hafsa and I love your work and like to do the Dream big work shop for2012 you have said to contact you if iam paying by money order.Please let me know what I should do.

Lawrence Spring

I love the combination of colors. It's so hippie. There's also a touch of abstract to it. A true artist can create its own signature, and this is just proof of that.

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