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Jean Rubman

I'm in Florida on vacation from the cold northeast, sitting in front of a window viewing the vast, blue ocean, relentless in it's surge to the shore..Upon walking on the beach yesterday,I was inspired by the tiny sandpipers, scuttling along the sand,oblivious to the interlopers around them, unafraid, unabashed and fearless, dogged in their pursuit.


My children are what inspire me. They are so excited this year about Christmas and getting to make things for the people that they love.

Rita Ackerman

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the new Sew Somerset. Last night before I went to sleep I browsed through it and read a few articles. This morning as I was writing my "morning pages" all these ideas came to me. Not the projects in the magazine but my own ideas that fermented overnight from the pictures in the magazine. It always helps to "sleep on it."

Lisa Gallup

My inspiration, especially this time of year, is Jesus Christ.


Today, I'm inspired by all the wonderful yard sale treasures I found in the States while we were there last month. Woo Hoo!!!

Lissa Smith

Today I am inspired by the rain falling on the mounds of amber leaves in my back yard and by the display of my son's plastic woodland animals on the bay window sill.


Today I am inspired by the warm sun pouring in the window as I work.

Laura Burlingame-Lee

I'm inspired today by my little girl's creativity and love of drawing. She teaches me to be unafraid and to let loose - she's a wonderful inspiration!!

Terrie -Creative Explorer

Today I'm inspired by Jane Davies and her face drawing technique shared on her blog (http://janedavies-collagejourneys.blogspot.com/2011/12/self-portrait-experiments.html ). Since I don't really draw, I'm so inspired to try her technique for a self portrait.

Colleen Kent

Today I am inspired by Todd, the fellow who is, at this moment, laying new tile in our formerly carpeted library. He's working so hard and it's looking so pretty it makes me want to make something nice, too!


Fantastic! I had the pleasure of meeting and corresponding with Christine years ago, and this book just screams HER, ya know?

Maggie M

Today, your blog has inspired me to stop procrastinating and start creating art! I'm inspired by the bright colors on your blog and that you so effortlessly let your creativity flow. Thanks Traci


The wonderful colours of the world that begin as basic blue inspire me....a turquoise ocean, a clear western winter sky, a much-loved blue and green quilt.....the colour of my husband's eyes.


My Nana inspires me. She is 95 and still lives independently. Nana stays active, has lots of friends, is always thinking of others and never complains! She is the strongest woman I know and I appreciate every second that I get to spend with her. She is wonderful!

Barbara I.

When I go on walks in the morning I like to pray and think about the day. As I walk through my neighborhood I am amazed by how many ideas come to my mind related to my art. I carry a mini (4.5" X 3.25") composition book with me and write down any thoughts that come to me. This keeps me organized and also captures my ideas so I won't forget!


My boyfriend is inspiring me today. He's an art teacher in the midst of assessing final student drawing projects and art journals. Throughout the day, he sends text photos of student work. He is an amazing man, an amazing teacher, and his influence is clear in the student art work!


Today I am inspired by some art materials...paints, inks, papers...that I just rediscovered in my messy studio storage area! I haven't used them for awhile and they are calling to me. I am always inspired by all of the beautiful colors of paint.


Today I am inspired by Tim Coffey. I love the way he looks at life and how he's able to translate it through daily illustrations on his blog. A wonderful giveaway!!!


Today I am inspired by an Artist's Date" with local artisan Sandra. She offers her home on a weekly basis for women who want to create. She leads the sessions and the excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Pam in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What is inspiring me most today--besides everything I see, hear and smell =) I have my first teaching gig scheduled for mid-January and I'm over-the-top thrilled about this opportunity, AND nervous as all get out about it. Perfect beginning topic, though: art journaling!! Thanks for the chance at this inspirational collection!


Is it dorky or self-indulgent to say that I inspire myself today? I'm just coming off a wonderful show at a gallery where my work was featured alongside some really talented artists and I am so inspired by the reception my work received. It has given me a shot, a boost, in the motivation department and I can hardly wait to get started on implementing ideas!


Today I am inspired by the frost clinging to the newly bard oak branches surrounding my home.


LISTENING...with all that i GOT given to me! xo

Amanda St.Clair

What's inspiring me today is all the lovely Christmas decorations I see everywhere. It's making me look forward to some downtime at Christmastime.


What inspired me today: flowers in the garden which are still blooming. Writing in my journal, the little xmas lights and candles in the house, working with the dream team on our next online full moon dreaming, music I never listened too before... :)

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