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What an awesome giveaway. It's a feast for the eyes!

Jean Toms

Lovely lots of goodies, Creative prompt Spring Colours.

Annie Couture

I would absolutely love to win this giveaway!!! You are totally inspiring!!!!

Tracy F.

Love your blog, and your gorgeous works of art! My creative prompt is :"Make something every day!" :)

Paula Kelsall Langille

wow--now that is a give away! What a way to start a new hobby!

Gail Simpson

This looks wonderful! Creative prompt: Outdoors

Kiki Halbert

What a gorgeous giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win it! Creative Prompt: Start a piece of art using only primary colours.


Im sorry to be a pain ..but how do I pin on you pinboard..Ive pinned it to mine but dont know hoe to get it on yours..?

Denise Funfsinn

Love this opportunity, Traci! Prompt: “You've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above” ~Bruce Springsteen


prompt for Traci...
"a day at the ocean.."

Cherie Wilson

Today I am.......
Thanks Traci~ Yours would finish......generous!


Heres the link to my mixed media piece

Joan Zabelka

I'd love a chance to play with all of these lovely goodies!

Prompt: The truth is...
I've been wrestling with that unfinished statement all week.

Jill Blevins

I so enjoy your art. I couldn't participate in your class on Strathmore when it was going on, but I've gone back and downloaded everything so I can do it now. Been playing with backgrounds your way and it's fantastic. Really for me just doing those backgrounds is a creative prompt for me because I just try so much and don't worry about what I'm making. It's rather a stream of consciousness kind of thing. I recommend it to everyone.

Kelly Donovan

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! TY! MY prompt is overcome

Ruth Ann Landry

D-R-O-O-L!!! Would so love to see this box of goodness on my doorstep! My prompt is:
I have a dream.....


What a fantastic giveaway, Traci! :) I'm drooling just watching this photo. Thanks for this awesome chance to win. :)
Prompt: celebrate!

Gina Ahrens

Get out and walk...Instead of driving to the store get out and walk....take your camera...observe the life around you and bring it back to create....

Wayne Gartley

Now this is what I hope the Easter Bunny leaves me!

jan O

I keep a file of magazine images that are interesting and glue one on a page. Then I come up with a title (hopefully) and go from there. Or I search for inspirational quotes and use one as a beginning point for art.

Melinda Tshudy

Traci - you are beautiful and so is your artwork - the give a-way is amazing. I took your Strathmore online class and it has opened up a new world for me. I look at your two books all the time. I would love to open up that box of heaven on earth art supplies. Blessings.

Kelly gennaro

This is a fantastic giveaway, all that stuff looks like it would be a blast to use and have fun with. I'm always wanting to expierement w/new products. :) Thank you for having this.


Prompt: sing your own kind of music.
Thanks, Traci, for "singing" your special song.


What an AWESOME giveaway! I would love to win this. xo

Andrea Plotts

What a wonderful giveaway! My prompt would be... Botanical gardens. :) Good luck to everyone!

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