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Lillian Child

I just recently ordered my first set of pan pastels (portrait) and I am HOOKED! I would LOVE to get some additional colors and definitely need a palette tray! Thanks for the chance! And what an amazing blog you have here. I am now a new follower and will be looking over your archives for some art journal inspiration!

Pauline Machie

I'm loving your site - I've always loved to doodle, and enjoy creating with different mediums. I'm especially enthralled with the idea of daily artistic journaling. I will start reading your pages more often. I'm also going to go over to the pan pastel site to sign up for their give-a-way too - thanks! Pauline


Sigh .... Pan Pastels ... so high on my wishlist! I only have one, a grey one, I bought this to shade Zentangles which works great. But I would love some bold bright colors ;-) I think art supplies are the one and only reason I would love to be rich LOL

Carole Kurth

I don't know anything about Pan Pastels, but I sure would love to learn! Thank you Traci for sharing your art and inspiration, as well as all the secrets that make it accessible to us. What a generous heart you have.

carlanda williamson

oh how i would love to have some pan pastels!!! thank you for sharing this giveaway and you!


Love pan pastels...would love to win the giveaway too! Your work is wonderful too - I love your vibrant colors! :)


I love the pan pastels too! I need to play with them more. Good thing I have your book to give me ideas!

Susan G

I love the look of the Pan Pastels when they are all in the trays, but I haven't ever really played with them. I guess that is something I will have to make a priority for 2012. Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway.


Thanks for the opportunity to win these great products! Cheers! RM :)


Thanks Traci! I love PanPastels and slowly trying to build up my collection :) Love that green! xoxo


I have just started to use the PanPastels and really love them! Thanks so much for all the great blog posts, tutorials, and giveaways!

Renee Burke of Happily Ever After by Renee Burke, LLC

Oh, how wonderful!! I just learned about PanPastels and MUST have some!!!! Thank you for the giveaway! xo

Carol Clements

This is a fab opportunity to win a great product. I have 3 colours already but love the look of the bright ones.


Love your site and love your work. Pan pastels would be a great addition to my toolbox! Thank you for the opportunity!


So want some Pan Pastels! Thank you for the opportunity, Traci. I have the black Pan Pastel, and it's so rich and dark and fabulous - I'd love more colors!

Lorien Shaw (Els)

Pan Pastels have been on my want list since they first came out. I managed to get one colour, but that just gave me a taste of how dandy this material is!


awesome giveaway ty


I have not tried pan pastels as of yet but would love to give them a try !

judy applegarth

I am so glad that I found your blog and book. Awesome work.


I would love to try those pastels!!!!!....they look so enticing!


So exciting! Pan Pastels have been on my list of to-dos for quite a while now!


I would love to win a doodles unleashed collage kit! My "kit" is very lacking and it would be great to improve it. :)

Sharlene Piscitelli

Would love to try panpastels and anything from Traci!

Zoe Ford

What a wonderful giveaway (or two!)
Thank you for the chance to win, and for the endless inspiration!

Barbara I.

Dear Traci, Your art is so inspiring. I loved your Strathmore workshop. I really appreciate your giveaway offer and hope to win!

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