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Christianne Teixeira

Ohh, I love your artwork, so inspiring!! But I never use digitals on my artwork :( It is a chance!! xoxo

Diana H

Congratulations! Love your work!


I love to watch you work. I like vintage images and cool words.

Geri Pate

For right now, I mainly use digitals in my art journal as transfers, collaging into, cuting them up and adding as bits and pieces here and there. Also, I hang them on my bulletin board to use for inspriration! One suggestion for digital products in your shoppe would be to have more floral-graffiti themes. Thanks Traci!

Wendy P

I love your style and would love to see more phrases and word digis in your shoppe - also love borders and backgrounds that I can tear and encorporate into my journal pages too
thanks for the opportunity and cant wait to see the new site!

Sue Komernicky

I would like to see digital faces, flowers & writings to transfer to journals!!


I love your free-spirited work. I mostly use digital for everything. I do a great deal of digital collage using Photoshop and I especially like bold graphic elements that I can use as overlays and borders. It would be nice to have stamp-like elements in digital format.


Hi Traci! I started out as a digital scrapper and digital scrapbook designer, then evolved into mixed media and art journaling... So, recently I've been experimenting and incorporating digital designs/clip arts as digital elements with my scanned mixed media art originals. The process has been fun and exciting as I discover that the creative possibilities are endless when doing a hybrid of both! Love you and your work! Congratulations on your digital site!


I love how colorful your images are! I use digital elements in art journals, mixed media on canvas, and in handmade books. I love words and I'm particularly drawn to you female images and flowers. :-)

Carla Dixon

I would like to see faces and flowers. I love your artwork.


I would use digital tools for scrapbookmaking/cardmaking. Congratulations!!


Can't wait to see your new site! :)
I love doing digital collages. I use a lot of digi brushes (make my own too - it's so much fun!). I'd love to see digital art journals...
Have a crazy happy celebration!

Mary H

Traci, I love your work!! Big fan! I have doodles unleashed and I just got collage unleashed TODAY!! I cannot wait to look at it!! I have been drawing your glam girls. :) I would love to see faces, flowers and phrases! Thank you!!


I've never done any kind of digital art so I have no idea! I'd love to give it a go though!


I love your work Traci and am anxious to see what you have in your digital line and how to use them. I have your unleashed books and love them. I have not tried digital art yet.

Cathy in Little Rock

Just like the website,I'm BRAND NEW to digital products, so everything wows me!! I'm registered for the digital CANVAS class and cannot wait to get started! Thanks for the energy you put out into the ART world, Traci.

Cathy in Little Rock

Gina Eaker

I love to use digitals by collaging them into my paintings. Looking forward to seeing your new site, Traci!

Sandy Proulx

I love using digitals for collaging in my art journal. I'm a new journaller and find that I sometimes come up against the wall with trying to get some creativity happening. I find the digitals are an excellent jumping off point for me and help me to better coordinate my pages.

Kath Bartman

Hey Traci! Can't wait to see your new digitals shoppe (gotta love the way you threw in the old-fashioned spelling of shoppe)! A friend shared a way to make copies of bigger pieces — no need to pay for large-format copying — use a home scanner to capture 8.5" X 11" pieces and then assemble and re-size them in Photoshop. While I'm in Photoshop, I often end up doing a bit more play ...


I mainly use digitals to collage, or to cut into pieces to collage. Love your art work and tutorials Traci! Thanks for sharing and encouraging the love of art!


Hi Traci!! I met you when I took a class in Hoffman Estates, IL. I painted an outfit, wore it, and took a pic with you. You are an inspiration...always! I would love to see some photoshop brushes!!

Julie Gastelum

Love your work and the inspiration you provide. I am new to this so I just can't wait to see your new website. Good luck with your new venture.

Rainbow gecko gallery

I love your digital spots and tag pdfs.... So colourful....would love to what program you use... Will have to do your course :)

Sheri DeMate

I'm just getting into my own groove with art journaling on paper with Real pens and paint. I just told my hubby that now I'm gonna have to learn digi! Therefore, I hope you'll have some easy peasy designs for beginners! And hopefully some instruction too! Your artwork adorns all the walls in my studio. I'm a Huge fan. ps. Also lovin' Zentangles and putting some "tangle-like" artwork to my journals.
Best of luck with your new endeavor. Not that you Need luck!
Sheri. ShabbySheep

Rita Montgomery

I love your style and bought your book. I made a few zipper bags which everyone loves. I haven't used digi in my work, it seems a bit intimidating. I love your black and white images which make the colors pop. I live close and would love to come see you studio.

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