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Sarah jane

My prompt would have to be " rainbow" i love rainbow things... Bright and happy :)

Jennifer Lance

Spring is officially here, so I think a fun prompt would be "Spring into...." and share what dreams/goals/themes come to mind with the new season!

xo, jenni

Ami Gieselman


Lidia Baltazar

My favorite prompt is " Create whit all your Heart "


Congrats Traci can't wait to see the new site. My art journal prompt would be gratitude. There is always room for gratitude.


Create a colllage using scraps of black and white photos, photocopies and digital prints.

joanne summy

Congrats on the new site my prompt would be balance


Prompt: What music is JAZZING you lately?

StART Spring mixing audio impressions onto a visual journal page based on your current fav song by having FUN pondering these q's!!
Who was with you when you first heard it—friends or family, or just YOU?
What colors come into your mind when you close your eyes?
Where were you the first heard the song?
When was it?
Why you and THIS song?

... and the BIGGEST question ...

How does it make you feel?


My prompt would be Backyard Journaling, noticing the small details that we so often overlook. Take a picture of the leaves or blades of grass just after a rain while the raindrops are still clinging and collage it into a journal page. Look for the different colors and shades of colors in your own backyard and use them for inspiration. Your new website looks fantastic! :-)

Sarah O'Grady

very exciting to have a new site....
my prompt would be to relax, let go and have fun!

Betty Wisse

My prompt would be to transfer a photo you love

heather williams

Prompt idea: raindrops... Thank you so much for the opportunity!! ~H♥~


My favorite artjournaling prompt is 'go wild and have fun' ;-) Works for me all the time LOL


My prompt is 'what am I thankful for today?'.


My prompt is ADVENTURE. Hugs and blessings from the Philippines! Patsy from



My prompt is to explore the color green, mixing up various shades and tints on the page, for a background. Springtime is on its way!


My journal prompt: SHINE! How do you shine through with your art, your creativity, and all the pictures in your mind?

Congrats Traci on the new site.......Awesome!

Debi Minter

My prompt would be "How are you blossoming today?" So happy about your new site!!!

Sandra Lenuweit

Thank you so much Traci for your work.
My prompt:
Take a poem that you like, and let your inspiration flow over the paper.

Michelle Guest

Create a page inspired by your favorite edible treat.... I would have a hard time choosing between See's candies and Ben & Jerry's ice cream...


Prompt: Spring is the theme. Journal about your renewal, rebirth and growth this season.


So excited for you, it looks awesome!! I love this monthly idea, thanks so much!!

Prompts: spring ( I know it's been used already but it's good) THEN & NOW, What do you see out your window right now, what is inspiring you right now, use a color that you don't usually use or like, use only 3 items on a page, open a book/magazine and use that page to inspire you.

Sorry had to write a few prompts, I love them!!
Congrats again and thanks so much for making this fun for us!

Cassie Tarr

If I could have 3 imaginary lives, what would I be? (Occupation, animal, etc.)

Peggy McDevitt

Looks like a fantastic and inspiring website. My prompt is: "if I could--------".

Amy Vanpool

This is so much fun! My journal prompt would be, "I spy with my little eye..."
I love playing this with my girls and I journal what they say. I ask them to describe it as if I could not see it. They are 5 (twins) and they love this! Sometimes they have me read it back to them a few days later. If we have time, I have them draw a picture to go with it in my journal. Memories...

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